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Bare Backstage 


Bare Backstage Productions is a touring theater based out of Southwest, MI. We believe in making theater accessible to all community members and specialize in flexible, small-scale shows that can be produced almost anywhere.

About the Company Founder, Laura Kay Henderson, MA


Photo by Tanisha Pyron 

Growing up with a love for movies, theater and all things storytelling,  Laura Henderson began acting on stage when she was 13 and began acting for film when she was 21. As a film actress Laura has filmed in the United States, Canada, France, England, Italy and South Korea. She can be found on IMDB under Laura Henderson (V). As a stage actress she has worked with various theaters around the Kalamazoo area, including serving as Executive Director for All Ears Theatre.  Laura is the founder of SHE Films Media, LLC, Bare Backstage Productions, LLC and the 501(c)3 non-profit Queer Theatre, Inc., where she served as Producing Artistic Director from 2013-2019.  

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