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"Good Enough"

by Cara Beth Heath, MFA

Presented by:

Bare Backstage Productions & Metallic Mannequin Co.


April 21-29, 2017

In Good Enough, Cara Beth Heath takes us back to a time where America was making war while the women of Kalamazoo were making guitars.

Following the journeys of six women, Good Enough takes an unyielding look at these women's lives, loves, and the way they must live in a world at war with tension taught as the strings of a

Gibson guitar. 

MerryRose Howley
Bekah Mitton
Lisa Moaiery
Michelle Ringle-Barrett
Sarah Kolber
Sarah MacLean
Cara Beth Heath, MFA


Metallic Mannequin and Bare Backstage Productions present Cara Beth Heath's, Good Enough inspired by the novel "Kalamazoo Gals" this April 21-29

This award winning play may sound familiar, because it was featured in the 2016 Activate Midwest lineup!


Irene - MerryRose Howley
June - Sarah Quigley
Jenny - Sarah Kolber
Helen - Michelle Ringle-Barrett
Gladys - Sarah Maclean
Mary Jane - Bekah Mitton

ABOUT THE PLAY: Following the journeys of Irene, Helen, Jenny, Mary Jane, Gladys, and June this play takes an unyielding look at these women’s lives, loves, and the way they must live in a world at war. With tension taught as the strings of a Gibson guitar these women must navigate their place in an ever-shifting landscape, constantly wondering if history will remember their unique contribution to American music and the war effort.












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