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The episodic life
by r.j. soule

"THE EPISODIC LIFE is a full-length play inspired by the old morality plays along with a hint of Peer Gynt. It is about the life of a middle aged gay man named Vincent. It is told via four episodes of his life, with no intermission.

Episode one, OF IMITATION AND FLATTERY, tells of his days as a
playwright in a small theatre. Episode two, IN THIS CIRCLE OF HELL, tells of his falling from grace as a drug addict. Episode three, HOLY ELMER G, tells of his redemption during his involvement with the church. The final episode, SWIFTCURRENT BY DUSK, deals with death, loss and moving on to salvation. Along with the four episodes, there is a prologue, introducing the characters, and an epilogue. The play requires 3 men and 2 women. It is a minimalistic play and requires little scenery. The play has a running time of about 90 minutes."

Vincent - lars J loofboro
benjamin/brianna - jordan Everette boley
Verna - Dixie Edwards
pam - Marissa Danielle Harrington
Mitch - Lucas Campbell

direction by sarah e maclean
stage manager - stefani lynn wallace
props/set by penny Mairs lorio
producer - laura kay henderson
music by miranda lee
Light Tech - Jaycee Myner
Sound Tech - Kristine Lynn Baker
Stage Crew - Torri Jo Mitchell
Front of House - Brian and Martha Bay

Executive Producers
Dawn & Reed Shilts
Laura Kay Henderson
alisa Whiteford

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