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thank you to everyone who attended the festival.

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Some recordings of the event are below, more to come soon!


Sat. February 27th -

1. Intro music by Miranda Lee


2. Magic by The Amazing Joe Bennett

3. As the Covid Spreads by Bill Craft, directed by Bill Craft, Genre - Soap Opera - starring: Shannon Victoria Fleckenstein, Katy TerBerg, Mary Henderson, Stefani Lynn Wallace

4. No, PS Lorio directed by PS Lorio, Genre - Comedy - starring: Anna Versalle, Robert James Piellusch, Cora Émiline Mitchell, Liam Smith, Brrasie Walmer


5. Destination: Vaccination by Tucker Rafferty, directed by Tucker Rafferty, Genre - Drama - Starring: Ronald Dundon and Dixie Edwards


6. Out On The Ice Five Monologues by Deborah Ann Percy-Johnston and Arnold Johnston, directed by Connar Klock, Genre - Tragedy - starring: Gail Curtis Snyder, Sarah E MacLean, Zaynee Hobdy, Lisa Ellen Grace, Jacob Burrell


7. Intermission music by Miranda Lee

8. Cast Iron by Denise Miller and CoCo Marie, directed by Denise Miller, Genre - Melodrama - starring: Jack Pinto and Maura Dineen


9. The Von Trump Family Bitchers by John Thierwechter, directed by Katherine Harte DeCoux, Genre - Parody - starring: Trevor Stefanick, Lucas Campbell, Nic Sapphire, Bob Neuendorf, Nicole Jacobs


10. New World Play Book by RJ Soule, directed by Ellen Bennett, Genre - Romantic Comedy - starring: Mickey Sykes and Mary Kay Allbee

Saturday's new plays were written in just 24 hours!

Sun. February 28th - 11 am - Boozy Brunch

1. Music by Angie Jackson


2. American Triage by Tucker Rafferty, starring Mickey Sykes, Mary Kay Allbee, Mitch Voss

3. Muriel and Joyce Get a Boat by PS Lorio, screenplay preview starring Martie Groat, Gail Snyder, Ron Dundon and Sarah E MacLean

4. Q and A talkback with playwrights, directors, and participants

Music by Miranda Lee

Magic by Joe Bennett

BBP 48 hour playfest 2021 - Music by Miranda Lee

BBP 48 hour playfest 2021 - Music by Miranda Lee

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